Daniel Partners Ltd.

The philosophy of our approach

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Daniel Partners have learnt from hard experience that too many consultants prefer to come in and tell clients what to do from the first meeting, assuming that they know and understand the clients’ issue.

We prefer to ask clients what the issue is, what they have thought about, what the obstructions so far have been about, and where they think they are headed! We can then start to shape and confirm the specific assignment, within the context shared with us. We ensure before we start, that the nature and shape of the output we bring matches the clients expectations.

In all our assignments, we try and do two things:

  • We commit to deliver what the client has asked for in the shape and timescales we have agreed
  • We retain a step-back view and offer thoughts and insight from our own experiences and previous assignments, as to what the questions not being asked might be and what issues as yet unexplored, may arise and be discussed during or after the assignment.

We believe that part of our ethical role as external consultants is to be that independent voice, based on other experience, that offers the client alternative ideas and ways of looking at things that they can take and use inside the business as a project progresses. Unless it is a part of the agreed assignment, this work is done at our cost and expense and offered freely for use by the client. It is our absolute commitment as professionals to inform the client, if we see something missing or a difference in emphasis.